Brick Out Candy

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Drop the bricks to get the candy.

In the Brick Out Candy online game, you can drop the bricks to urge the candy with fun. You play as a personality who starts with nothing and to induce candy.

Make sure you keep an eye out as there are different levels within the game where you need to find specific bricks to induce the candy.

Game features

Suitable for all ages.

Enjoyable and exciting.

Colourful graphics.

Beautiful effect.

How to play

By matching candy colours with the brick that goes next, the game is played. In an exceedingly given fundamental quantity, the player who collects the most candy wins. Dropping as many bricks as possible without getting hit by the hearth is the object of the game. The higher your score is going to be, the more bricks you may drop. Let's try a brick breaker html5 game.

Game controls


Drag the mouse right and left to catch the ball.


Tap the screen and hold it to control the catching of the ball.

Controls and indicators

In the lower right corner you will find the music and sound buttons. In the left corner you will find the close button before you start the game.

After starting the game, you will find the lifespan of the ball, level numbers, play/pause button, scores, and time count from left to right.




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