Bridge Ladder Race Stair game

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Hello and Welcome to the Bridge Race Builder game, This game theme is the more you collect the bricks and the faster you make a bridge for yourself to win the Bridge Race game. Keep in your lane otherwise enemies will make you lose. Enemies: There are several enemies in the bridge race game, They have different Bridge Colors and you have your Bridge and Bricks Color to build the bridge. Just Collect all the bricks that match your body color and the most important thing is, Keep yourself on your Stairs otherwise your enemies will disturb you on their stairs. Basically, this game is like a Stairs Race game or you can say Stairs Bridge Builder game. This game is like Ladder game, i love to play this game in my spare time Because i like ladder game. Actually this game is not like other ladder game its is the mommy legs ridge racer game. Its is totally free to play game, if you want to win stairs race game, so collect all the bricks and make a bridge fast as long you can. Obstacles: There is level base ridge racer game, in other levels stairs race stages you can fall in the water, and there is other obstacles that will make you lose, staking race is like that ridge runner game. Features of this game: More Collect Bricks Faster You Can Build The Ladder, Stairs & Bridge. Avoid All The Obstacles Which Is make you lose. Collect Bricks That Match With Your Body Color. Keep in your Ladder. Dont go to enemy stairs to make your lane. So guys if you like this game, leave a Review, Thanks

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