Car Blocks

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Blocky Car Racer is a new racing game where you can drive with traffic in a colorful blocky world! Jump into muscle car and hit the road! Drive as fast as you can and avoid crashes in race mode. Ready to blow up some cars? Start the rampage in demolition mode and smashed them all! In the last mode you can relax and drive through the big city full of hidden features. Funny crash? Share your GIF to your friends on social networks! This is official sequel of Blocky Moto Racing game where we guarantee you a lot of fun. DEMOLITION MODE: - you have 2 minutes to smash as many cars as possible - crash other cars to make them explode! - destroy few cars in a row to receive combo bonus! RACE MODE: - endless race - drive as fast as you can and survive as long - get the highest score and achieve the best distance. - watch out for cars and obstacles like trains, police, firefighters, blockades or road repairs - receive bonus points thanks to speed trap camera! CITY MODE: - big city full of streets, traffic and airport with planes! - exploding barrels with hidden features! - discover special events after hitting the barrels like change of the light, night club or exploding buildings! - city is a free run mode. Just relax and enjoy the ride. - lot of railroads for train fans - challenges! find glowing spots and start short time missions - ramps and trampolines! try to achieve best air time!




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