Cars Lightning Speed

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Game Cars: Lightning Speed - will take you to the wonderful and fabulous world of Cars. You are given the opportunity to join Lightning McQueen and build your own racing career! Choose one of 5 racing cars and start racing. The game has two modes: single player and career. In Career Mode, you will be able to compete for the Piston Cup. You will have access to: championship for beginners, world championship, championship for professionals, as well as championships in different countries. Each championship has four races. Winning all four races will earn you the well-deserved Piston Cup. In the single player mode, you have access to simple races in such countries as: Germany, Italy, USA, Japan and Brazil. Choose your car and drive it as much as possible. During the race you will collect bonuses, which will be converted into money at the end of the arrival. Money can be spent on improving your car and changing the look. Make yourself your coolest car by painting it bright color and setting a unique sticker. Win all races and win championships. Collect all the nitro that you see on the road to accelerate to lightning speed. Heed the advice of the Master and become a champion!

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