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Ho-ho-ho, Welcome to our Christmas Farm! Meet new polar friends: Santa Claus, Rudolph, Snowman, penguin, elf and Bigfoot! Evolve your own snow township! Plant and harvest everything: chocolate, wool, paper, wood, iron. Build factories to craft gifts, toys, sweets. Take care about farm guests: Unicorn, raccoon, hare and kids. Help Santa to get ready for the Xmas holiday and manage the snowy farm. WINTER IS COMING - Discover the North Pole! Meet your favorite holiday characters - Rudolph, Snowman, Christmas fairies, penguin and Santa Claus! - Take care of magical animals: feed, brush and dress them. - Create the magic farm to a jolly township of your own - Build Christmas factories to craft gifts JINGLE ALL THE WAY! - Complete orders with Rudolph sleigh and polar car - Decorate your winter farm with flowers, lanterns, hay. - Improve and decorate the Christmas tree to put more presents under it - Play every day and get daily rewards! BECOME A CHRISTMAS ELF! - Meet guests coming by train, complete their orders and get gifts - Plant and grow wool, chocolates, paper, wood, iron; - Find chests in friends lands

Ho-ho-ho Welcome to our Christmas Farm Meet new polar friends Santa Claus Rudolph Snowman penguin elf and Bigfoot Evolve your own snow township Plant and harvest everything chocolate wool paper wood iron Build factories to craft gifts toy



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