Dotted Girl Back to School

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The new school year will start soon, and Ladybug cant wait to reunite with her best friend. She and Cat Noir are freshmen at a new school, and of course, she wants to make a good impression. So lets help her choose a stunning school outfit to start with the Dotted Girl Back To School game for girls. But first thing first, lets do her makeup look. There are many color options you can choose from, so go for anything you like. Then go ahead and see what jaw-dropping school outfit you can choose for her. Ladybugs school uniforms are some of the cutest you've ever seen. The latest trends inspire them, they are colorful and super easy to accessorize, so feel free to browse through them all, have her try on the ones you like, and then pick the winning school outfit. Next, accessorize Dotted Girls cool outfit with a new hairstyle, comfy but chic shoes, and the right jewelry.



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