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this game you will merge with a large number of racers for the title of the best drift master. We are releasing a new epic drift game (Drift BMW M5 City Ghost Ride). You will get the best drifting experience with this game, so just push the handbrake and drift your BMW. This is the best BMW racing games. This is a free extreme car simulator game that does not require an internet connection, welcome offline games! ATTENTION! Drift Pro BMV M5 City Ghost Ride does not yet have a cloud save feature. All game progress and in-app purchases may be lost if you uninstall the game. In this racing game you will be amazed by real realistic shots and amazing graphics. With the new game engine, you will learn what the next generation graphics are. For driving around the city at night without restrictions, an open free world mode is available. Explore the city and cool locations at night, but do not forget to check the city for speed during the day. Find the best parking spots and become a real BMW parking master. BWM racing is what you've always been looking for on your Android device. Install bmw m laptimer to know what lap time you can show on your BWB supercar. Traffic racing parking is available for passing at any difficulty level. Choose the level you need and collect coins on your M5. Get bonuses for drifting on the BWM and conquer the world. Equip your racing car with top-notch garage upgrades. Install nitro, pipe and other tuning accessories to become the fastest racer in Racing Car Driving Simulator. Find out the speed and burnout on the asphalt.

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