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Do you love fishing arcade game? Your kids like to explore the sea and sea creatures? There are lot of beautiful fish and other sea creatures waiting for you. Lets go catch some fish with our Fisher Panda. Enjoy an arcade fisher man game. The goal of the adventurous fishing game is simple - you need to catch as many fish and collect the required number of points to pass the level. Happy Fisher Panda: Ultimate Fishing Mania Games is a favorite pass time and a happy fishing adventure game for all ages and is a cute fishing game. Catch as many fish to score more and more points. Explore different sea animals, beautiful locations and different fishing tools. Learn all of them. You know Panda even goes fishing in night. Experience the fishing adventure and beautiful fish catching under the dark sky at night. Whats in this arcade fishing frenzy game? In this ultimate fishing game youll go on a fishing trip with Fisher Panda. It ultimately trains your memory and ability to concentrate, encourage perseverance. Its not only childrens best fish runner game but can play along with their parents as well. Rules are very simple for fishing arcade game: Catch as many fish you can and collect the required number of coins Sea is full of happy fish and big and angry fish too For each caught fish you will earn points Dont try to catch big and dangerous fish Wrong fish gets your points decreased Keep playing to unlock different fishing tools Explore various ocean animals and fish It has different fishing rods, different fishing threads, different fishing hooks and fishing net Each fishing tool has their own feature and increases your fishing efficiency Bomb gives you power to catch fish in large numbers Each level earns you a bomb Make sure you dont collect waste like shoes and soda can. They reduce your points. Multiple levels with multiple tasks in catching fish Fun Features of Fisher Panda: Ultimate Fishing Game Learn and explore different sea creatures species Catch colorful fishes 5 different fishing tools Beautiful locations Builds coordination skills for your kids Develops eye estimation Develop color identification skills of your kids Learn distinguishing between sizes (big fish, little fish, average) Fun and educational Inspirational design concept Peaceful music to keep fisher panda happy So are you ready to go out for a fishing trip with our little Fisher Panda and catch beautiful, colorful fish? Have the best time catching fishes in this fishing game for free! If you like this fun fishing game, please take a moment to rate it and please share it with your friends. Your ratings encourages us to develop more and more free games.




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