Los Angeles Crimes

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In this exciting game, you will play as an ordinary guy who came from the provinces to a big city and, by the will of fate, was involved in gang warfare, the two largest criminal syndicates in the city. Climb the gangster hierarchy, to the very top, becoming the shadow master of the city. You will have to carry out various orders of local bosses, earning their respect. Go through many exciting missions, you will receive monetary rewards for which you can buy real estate in the city, buy cool cars and expand your arsenal with numerous, lethal weapons.
- Explore a completely open location of a giant metropolis, with bustling streets filled with walking pedestrians and roads with heavy traffic.
- An interesting story story of the game with a charismatic, main character, few people will remain indifferent.
- Successfully complete many exciting challenging missions and get bonuses and cash rewards for this, which you can spend on buying cars, weapons, as well as real estate.
Become the king of the concrete jungle, conquering the gangster world of a giant metropolis!

*WASD* = move
*mouse* = shoot
*shift* = run
*space* = jump
*1*..*2* = switch weapon
*e* = interaction
*p* = pause


Action Desktop

15 Kirkby Street
Lincoln Lincolnshire
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