Los Angeles Stories III Challenge Accepted

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Want to relax? Take a gun and get to the stolen car start rioting! L.A. Stories Part 3 Challenge Accepted explore different areas of criminal city. Steel cars and perform different offences to become the most infamous gangster.

This game isnt for time killing, youll see mob world of this peaceful and sunny city. Youll create your virtual criminal story.
In game, your character real mob, taking part in shootings, illegal races and police chases while complete missions. And the main money comes from drug dealing and supercars stealing. Dont forget about cops: ran over pedestrian, crashed into police car or shot your competitors, then police wouldnt let you off!
Perfect new city map. Different profitable buildings (you can buy them), missions with cool rewards. Purchasing new gun your character makes more damage to enemies. Ruin drugs transportation and destroy competitors goods. Progress your character to full city mafia control. Sandy beach line, beautiful buildings architecture, best recreational and still, criminal city is waiting for you.

Game features
Realistic graphic models of cars, boats, motorcycles and characters (you can choose graphics quality)
Full HD graphics
More than 25 types of guns (from grenades to bazookas)
Added ability to change traffic frequency
Open game world
Incredible missions
If you get bored or disturbed from missions passing, buy RPG and body armor and make some action at the Mad City streets. Get interest points from police and then find some cover and shoot back.

*space*= jump
*E*=sit or exit car
*WASD*= move or drive
*P*= pause
*shift*= rear mirror
*V*= switch car camera


Action Desktop

15 Kirkby Street
Lincoln Lincolnshire
United Kindom