Mad Max Derby

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Mad Derby Max Total Apocalypse - car destruction game. Only here players are waiting for cool American cars prepared for derby races and competitions. Never before has the destruction of machines been so realistic. You can see the wreckage of cars that collided with each other. Cool graphics and physics of the movement of cars make the game perfect and exciting.

In the passage mode, you have to go through many tests and tracks, which are divided into a rookie season and a professional season. In the endless derby mode, you will be put into the arena where the strongest and most experienced driver survives. Cars compete and try to destroy their rivals until the last surviving car remains. If you manage to survive, you move on to the next stage and continue to fight with new racers.

Are you ready to start the real derby? Then start playing! Choose one of the cars and start passing the tracks. If you can win first place, you will receive a cash prize. After collecting more money, you can improve your car in the garage by buying new engine parts, brakes, improved armor, new wheels, and more. Play and go through the game until the very end to buy yourself the best car and improve it to the maximum. How long can you last in the endless derby mode? After all, it directly depends on the car you bought and converted and, of course, on the skills of the driver! Let's start testing!

*Arrows*= drive
*space*= handbrake
*ESC*= pause
*C*= camera


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