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Are you ready for an epic battle? is a multiplayer fantasy game where you clash with monsters and other players to become the most powerful hero in the server. Build your character from hundreds of spells, weapons, and equipment, and fight your way through unique biomes if you can survive the bosses. Complete challenges and explore the far reaches of the map in order to earn rewards and access unique skins. Customize your character: choose from hundreds of spells, weapons, armor gear and stat points, as well as skins and emotes. Watch out for type advantages and unique weapons effects! You may get hit with a gravity ball, or knocked back by a wind katana Get ready to face different enemies across changing environments; explore hidden corners of the map to get your hands on powerful items; and complete challenges to unlock unique rewards. What are you waiting for? Get into the fight! And dont forget to invite friends Features: - 100+ spells across 6 magic types: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Light, and Dark. Mind type advantages! - Different classes of melee weapons: swords, daggers, battle-axes and more to choose your own fighting style. - Multi-piece armor gear across the knight, rogue, and wizard types! Combine head, body, and hand pieces to boost your abilities in unique combinations. Will you pick up a wizards hat, or a knights helmet? - Allocate stat points on level-up to shape your character. Build an all-out melee tank, an elusive rogue, or a powerful mage - anything you can think of. - Varied biomes to explore, each with special enemies and changing terrain. - Fill out your monster journal by encountering enemies; complete over a hundred challenges; and claim daily quests to unlock access to unique skins and rewards! - Play with a team and collaborate to take down powerful bosses.

Move WASD Change spells 1-4 Sprint Shift Aim Mouse Shoot Left click



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