Monster Truck Speedy Highway

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It's time for a new generation of mobile racing games! Millions of other gamers will vie for the top spots on the worldwide scoreboard once the game begins! You'll need to outrun the traffic and finish the obstacles to stand out in the crowd. Get in the driver's seat and take to the open highways and crowded roadways! Make the most of traffic snafus to find hidden gems! There's a chance you may be hurt! Motorcycles and vehicles whizz by you on the roads and byways. If you want to be a street racing legend, you'll have to be the greatest. Dodging traffic on procedurally produced asphalt tracks amid an unending stream of automobiles, you'll get a different experience in every game. As the level progresses, keep your eye on the prize. Discover new places throughout the globe, each with a distinct atmosphere and ambience. If you've played Top Speed, you may recognise some of the characters in Road Racing! Select one of the high-performance vehicles in the garage. Get creative with the design of your automobile. Choose a hue that complements your skin tone, then apply some eye-catching decals! Give your vehicle a distinct personality. Tune your car's look to your liking. Work on your swag like crazy. It's time to show off your abilities and your good looks!

Use AD to drive and avoid hitting other cars



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