Nugget Royale

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80 chicken players compete to be the last standing on an unstable disk above a gruesome grinder. The last player on de disk wont be turned into a chicken nugget. The player has a few moves, walking, sprinting, jumping and dashing which can be used to survive the race. The number one player on the leaderboard gets to wear the crown, this makes him/her the ultimate nugget master, king of the chickens. Score in the form of nuggets to unlock new hats, like a visor cap, ketchup cap, deep fry basket and a drinking lid. Collect all the hats! Players who eat the most corn grow the biggest and have an easier time pushing other chickens of the disk. When starting the game you are at the smallest size but you do have some jumping advantages. Eat corn, dash other players, stay on the highest point of the disk and have fun. Come play The game is online multiplayer but can also be played locally with up to 4 players on one computer. Nugget Royale is a true battle royale game where you have to become to only surviving chicken! You are on your way to the final destination but there is one way to get out of there: Push all the other chickens aside to make sure you don't end up in the machine. Keep in mind that only one chick survives so you'll have to push the others down... Nugget Royale is also known as and you are playing in an arena against 80 other online competitors. You can play Nugget Royale online for free on Adultpuzzles.

W A S D - Move around Space - Jump



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