PJ Masks: Moonfizzle Madness

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Moonfizzle Madness is the newest game to be added into the PJ Masks Games category, and that is not all, because this is not true just for our website, but for online games websites in general, so we have a feeling you are going to be very glad to be among the first children in the world to enjoy it, proving once more why you should come to ZUZU Games as often as possible, where you will always find the best new games on the internet. You begin by choosing which of the three heroes you want to be. The enemy is going to shoot rays of energy towards you, and you are going to use the mouse to draw lines from the left to the right, lines of energy which are going to protect yourself, and every time you do it right, you earn points in return. Make sure to avoid the enemy hits as many times as possible, because not doing it too many times is going to make you lose. Good luck, and don't stop at this game, since there are more great ones for you to have fun with today!

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