Pjmasks Starlight Sprint

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It has been some long time since we have last brought our visitors any new PJ Masks Games online on our website, but since we know that it is the most beloved category of Disney Junior Games we currently have here, we knew that sharing this game with you all right now was definitely the right call to make, and we are also the first website to share this game with visitors, so once again we prove why being here daily is the right thing to do if you want the best new games on the internet! We will now teach you how this game works, so reading this fully will be of great help! Together with Catboy, Owlette, or Lizard Kid you are going to be running on rooftops, having to get to the end of each level without falling between buildings, or hitting obstacles or enemies along the way. The characters are going to be running by themselves, and you are going to press the spacebar when you want to jump, and if you want to get an extra boost of speed, press the shift key. Good luck to you, and we hope you collect as many orbs as possible so that your score will be really big by the end of the game!

Use the shift key and spacebar



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