Psycho Beach Mummies

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Join the wacky Game Shakers and defeat the invaders in the Psycho Beach Mummies game! Babe, Kenzie, and the rest of the cast all love a good game! This time, their new mission consists of fighting some scary mummies, and they need your help! Do you have what it takes to lend your friends a hand? Just like in any action game, you are going on a crazy fast-paced adventure! Psycho mummies have invaded the beach, and you must keep the area safe! Your job is to take charge of the lifeguard kart and protect everyone while staying away from the mummies. Do your best and help defeat the invaders to complete this challenge! This mission has put a very cool device at your disposal. To drive the hoverboard car around the beach, all you need to do is press the arrow keys on the keyboard. Once you get the hang of it, you can go ahead and defeat the zombies so the beach can be peaceful again! Good luck!

Your job is to drive around while looking for people who need help For each of the bystanders that you pick up you will earn some points To save everyone from the crazy zombies you will need an impressive score of 10000 The more you keep



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