Stacky Bird Zoo Run: Super casual flying bird game

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Stack your eggs to pass obstacles, but watch out for monsters and spikes. Stacky Bird Zoo Run is the fun and addicting game you have been waiting for, spending hours of flying fun! The square bird's mission is to fly to new lands. Build a long chain of eggs and fly around obstacles to reach new levels and locations, with beautiful birdhouses. Stack the perfect amount of eggs and make 3 perfect landings to enter Shooty Mode. Take on bigger challenges and fly to the finish as the best bird on the leaderboard! Bird games are fun and addicting, but you can unlock even more characters! Chickens, cats, pigs and more - find your favorite character and fly over obstacles. Stacky Bird Zoo Run is easy to grab, but hard to master. Go through the colorful levels of Stacky Bird Zoo Run and help your bird get home! Features of Stacky Bird Zoo Run: Stack the eggs - Stack eggs to overcome obstacles and avoid dangers! - Build an egg chain - Fly towards the end of the level with extra eggs for bonus coins Explore and Collect - Flying games take your bird to new lands and landscapes - Earn coins as you play to unlock different characters - Unlock secret characters through the mini-game Square Nesting Boxes for Cubic Birds - Flying games leading you to new birdhouses - Choose your favorite house to display Classification of Birds - Climb to the top of the leaderboard - Collect points for the best daily, weekly or all-time score Limited Live Events - Mini-games and special levels! - Unlock exclusive characters

Mouse or tap to play



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