Train Simulator 2022

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All railroad and railway fans, train collectors, and train simulator enthusiasts who are passionate about everything and everything linked to rail transportation come together! Time to place your trains on tracks and start building a city and a worldwide railroad empire. Join the ranks of the railway tycoons and go on a magnificent train simulator voyage that is full of surprises, city modifications, accomplishments, and complex contracts. Bring out your inner train enthusiast! Discover and collect hundreds of real-life trains that are well-known throughout the world. It might be not accessible at times, but as a railroad transport tycoon attempting to establish the largest railroad empire in the world, you'll find a way or at least some tracks! Invest in constructing a railway station in your city, complete with city and train buildings, and create a variety of goods since some contractors may want freight transportation rather than simply a new railroad or raw materials. Upgrading trains is beneficial since a modernised railroad train fleet is much more powerful when executing contracts and may save a significant amount of time on the tracks! Did you know that there are several rail rarity classifications to choose from in this tycoon city simulator? Rare trains have a larger carrying capacity than ordinary trains! It's also never been simpler to defy the laws of a city tycoon simulator than it is now.

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