US Police CyberTruck Chase

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Welcome to CyberTruck Police Chase: Modern Cop Games 2020 offered by FUN EXTREME GAMES. After the amazing success in Police Games like Police Car Chase and Border Patrol Police Chase Games, we are going to create a new trend in police racing games. So play cyber truck simulator police chase games to explore your crime city gangster chase skills in patrol police games and chasing games. Drive the border patrol police car cyber truck in the whole city to chase the gangsters and arrest them in police chase games crime city cop simulator. These cyber truck police car games and police racing games have different modes and levels like a police car chase and police cop games. Cyber Truck Police Chase: Crime City Cop Games!! Cyber truck police chase has two different modes like border patrol police games. Police Mode: - This mode is really interesting in border patrol police chase games because in this mode you play the role of a police cop to chase the gangsters in the crime city cop simulator. Start the engine of your police car and drive in the whole crime city with high speed for gangster chases like cop games and police chasing games. Complete the mission of cyber truck police car games and police racing games to become a professional police cop chase games hero. This border patrol police car chase and police cop chase games have eight different levels to complete the police mode of police car games like other police games. Every level has a different strategy to catch the gangsters with your police cyber truck in police racing games and police chase games. You have to hit the gangster's car when you chase him to get him down and to destroy his car with your police cyber truck in police chase games. b>Criminal Mode: - If you dont have any interest to become a border patrol police cop in cyber truck police chase games, so there is another mode available for you to become a criminal or gangster in police car games or police chase games. In this mode, youll play the role of a criminal, and drive the criminal car to escape from the police cop and police car to reach your home in cop games or police car chase games. This mode has also different eight levels of escaping from the police in the crime city. Every level has its own difficulty when a cyber truck police car hits your cars to arrest you. Your power will be down by hitting and if you lose all power you will get down and lose the level like other police car games and other chasing games. b>Features of this US Police CyberTruck Chase: Police Chase Games: - Different modes with amazing police car chase levels Running police cop chase red lights Chasing and arresting missions Customized police cyber truck Smooth controls HD graphics Realistic physics Dynamic camera angles. Download this police cyber truck police chase game to enjoy the amazing police chase games features and also give us feedback so we can improve our police games on your behalf.

Movement Arrow Keys and W S A D O Engine On Off F nitro C Change Camera B Back View



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