Zhu Zhu Pets Tube Racers

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Right now on our website you will get the opportunity to play the game called The Zhu Zhus Tube Racers, which is the latest game we have added into the The Zhu Zhus Games category, which we know is a category of Disney Channel Games that you love playing, which is why we are trying our best to bring as many awesome games as possible in it, so you will always enjoy your time spent here. This new game is a game unlike you have played here before, which has Pipsqueak in the center of attention. Want to know what you have to do? Then just read the following part of this description. Your main goal is going to be to race Pipsqueak as far as you can. To jump press the up arrow key, and to roll use the down arrow key, keys which you also use to go down or up on the tubes. Click one and then the other really fast if you want to play in the hamster ball, which gives him speed. Along the way, grab the carrots and treats, because they give him energy, which he needs in order to advance. You got it, haven't you? Well, we think that you will have great fun with this game, so we invite you to start it right now, only on our website!

Use the arrow keys



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