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PvP!!PvP Extreme Survival Server! Fight off players while trying to survive the circles of death! CUSTOM ZOMBIES.Over 40 unique zombies and bosses to defend against. From a large variety of everyday citizens to super mutated bosses the fly through the air or are invisible! Feral, radiated, burning, spectral, and frost zombies to keep you guessing and changing your strategy. We recommend medicated bandages and water in your hotbar at all times! MUTATIONS.(COMING SOON) Become a Molecular Virologist ! A whole crafting and quest system themed around discovering what caused the virus outbreak to unlocking recipes and character enhancements through DNA sequencing from harvesting from a variety of zombies! Look for clues through computer databases and zombie fight quests and put together books that will unlock all the secrets to advanced mutations secretly worked on by the government. STARTING CLASS.You will get to choose from 16 different classes to get your starting gear and unlocks. Each class is based off of unlocking a full set of perk books already in the game. Your clothes and starting gear is based on that class and books. RESET ZONESOur server automatically resets zones every server reboot for continued play. RADIATION ZONESEach Biome level is separated by a Radiation zone you must have protection from in order to pass through to the next biome level. Starting from the center in the Noob forest, you must pass through a radiation level 1 burn biome to get to the more advanced level desert. From there you will be able to gear up and pass through a radiation level 4 wasteland into the expert level winter biome for only the toughest and most skilled PvP players. PvP SERVER.The whole server is PVP. You get 1 LCB to setup a fortification. We recommend protection all the way to bedrock so no one digs your base out! Protection 16X while onlie and 24X while offline! We also include a sethome function for fast travel by using bustokens earned through time played and zombie kills. NO TRADERS.There are no traders, but you will be able to build trading machines for inside your base of operations.! BOUNTIES AND BLOOD DIAMONDS.When someone kills another the system automatically places a bounty on their head OF 200 bustokens. Players may contribute to the bounties as well. DROP EVERYTHING.You drop everything when you are killed. And if you have not sethome or placed a bedroll you will respawn inside the center forest. SPECIAL QUESTS.Special and unique quests allow for some advanced training and storyline. If youre here to play and have fun, come on inside! We are not responsible for lost or stolen property. Superliberty 1 / 1 ❮ ❯