Stunt Car Race

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Enjoy driving on roads full of obstacles, challenging tracks for a long time! Jump in your car with Stunt Car Race, hit the gas! Stunt Car Race is the most enjoyable car game to play with its 3D appearance. In the game, where you will collect gold coins by passing through obstacles, the following sections will be more difficult. By accumulating gold coins, you can change the appearance of your car and make it stronger and faster. You have to stay balanced on the ramps. You should not get stuck on swinging obstacles. Checkpoints will be of great advantage to you. When you lose your balance in the game, you start at the Checkpoints instead of going back to the beginning. With the nitro feature, you can increase your speed instantly. If you are a speed enthusiast, this game is for you. Get in your car and enjoy the competition. Have fun!

It is played with the Arrow Keys on your keyboard Next UP ARROW Back DOWN ARROW To restore balance you can use the RIGHT and LEFT ARROW keys



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